Capture a 3D FloorPlan in 3 minutes

With our iOS application, OpalAi ScanTo3D

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Extensive Wait Time

Several days wait before a contractor can be assigned

High Personal Costs

3 to 5 visits, 2 people per visit

CAD Modeling

Several days wait before a contractor can be assigned

Human Errors

>100x manual measurements and high probability of errors.

Traditional FloorPlans

Traditional FloorPlan Creation processes is Labor intensive

More than $3B is wasted annually recreating measured drawings (floorplans) of residential buildings in the USA [IBIS World, 2020, Ebhomien et al. 2019].

Robot path planning and obstacle avoidance leveraging existing labeled floorplans are significantly simpler than solving SLAM problems from scratch in real-time.


Our High Tech iOS Application

We are developing an app (ScanTo3D) for modern smartphones and tablets that, together with cloud-based analysis, quickly generates an accurate measured and labelled 3D CAD and floorplan of a property. No tape measure, no notepads, and no moving of any furniture. This AI- enabled app, with intuitive user interface, declutters a furnished house and provides a complete floor plan, with an accuracy of one inch in 20 feet.