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We are a team developing an app (ScanTo3D) for modern smartphones and tablets

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The Team


OPAL AI INC. is a Los Angeles based startup company focused on developing augmented intelligence (AI)-based technologies to improve the quality of people’s lives. Our vision is to enhance human intelligence by coupling machine intelligence with the human user; that is why “AI” at OPAL AI stands for Augmented Intelligence rather than Artificial Intelligence. Our AI systems are not artificial; they are real! OPAL AI’s mission is to automate the labor-intensive tasks that are frustrating for workers or sometimes even impossible for human operators by leveraging Explainable AI (XAI).

Every One

Dr. Ryan Alimo

CEO / AI Expert

Sarvenaz Moazami, PEng

COO / Management

Audrey Alimo, AIA

Subject Matter Expert

Aditi Swaroop

Software Developer/Advisor

Deepak Garg

Product Manager

Shayan Alimo

Product Manager

Dr. Firouz M. Naderi

Foundry Advisor / PM

Dr. Pooriya Beyhaghi

AI Advisor

Kayvon Pourmirzaie

Legal Advisor

Dr. Thomas Bewley

Technical Advisor

Dr. Ramtin Madani

Technical Advisor

Dr. Renaud Detry

Technical Advisor

Avid Boustani

Strategic Advisor

What We Do

Our Mission

OPAL AI is a for-profit company and as its first product is developing the ScanTo3D app for architects, appraisers, contractors, insurers, designers, and real estate agents. ScanTo3D app is a to-go market strategy to showcase its powerful AI technologies that perform floor plan generation and 3D reconstruction tasks in an automated way using a video from your cellphone. We are developing a downloadable app that in conjunction with the latest mobile phones can generate an extremely accurate floor plan of a property within minutes! No tape measure, no note pads, and no moving any furniture. This AI-enabled app automatically declutters a fully furnished house and delivers a complete floor plan within the accuracy of a fraction of an inch in minutes, with no special hardware other than your phone. Just move around, take a video, and let the app do the rest. Click the link below to check ScanTo3D.