the future of the appraisal industry with 3d scanning of properties and autonomous floorplan reconstruction

Forrest Admin

Forrest Admin

June 2022

With the future of appraisal moving more and more to standardized data collection processes (see Freddie's PDRs and Fannie's similar products on the horizon), this release from OPAL AI will make the adoption of these products that much easier in the coming years! OpalAi ScanTo3D provides accurate Gross Living Area (GLA) and it is compliant with ANSI complaint with accurate GLA calculations.

OpalAi ScanTo3D 

  • No limit on the property size (performed projects up to 100,000 sq ft.)
  • Customization –2D, 3D, textured, colored, adding your logo etc.
  • ANSI Z765 support, ANSI complaint GLA calculations
  • Different output formats 3D CAD & BIM (Revit, Rhino, Sketchup, AutoCAD)
  • Same day delivery time
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